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My Mystical Pink Loft™

My Mystical Pink Loft™

My Mystical Pink Loft™

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Perfect for all DIY handcraft collectors. Unleash your creativity and imagination!

Building dollhouses brings many benefits to children & adult: 

  • It fosters creativity and logical thinking.
  • It's great for Stress Relief. Engaging in creative projects helps to calm down your body and lower your blood pressure.
  • Brain Development. Challenging yourself with a new and complex dollhouse building project will help your brain to develop which will improve your mental functioning.
  • Gratification. Dollhouse building project tend to keep you happy and It can give meaning to your life and make you feel very proud of what you have done, which will boost your confidence.
  • Develop tactile thinking skills
  • Solving problems in a patient manner and gives them a sense of accomplishment.


Product Feature:

1. Full set furniture & accessories material included in the box
2. Premium High Quality material. (Wood, Cloth, Plastic etc)
3. LED lighting set included in the box, 1 x English Manual
4. Makes a perfect present for your love ones

Finished Product Size: 19(L)x 15(W)x 13(H) cm.

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Purchased this for my grandson for Christmas. It worked as described and has so many option for designs. My grandson loves it so much!

Tina R.

Both of my grandkids love playing with these toys. Sometimes they just play with them as vehicles & sometimes like to take them apart & put them together again.

Jolene A.

I am so impressed!! I bought the vehicle package and the animal package and I am not disappointed. My 3 year old LOVES these! It is the first thing she grabs every morning and she will sit for hours taking them apart and putting them back together. I had an issue and worked with customer service and by far the best service I've received in a long time. I will be ordering more in the future!

Myra K.

Bought for my almost 4 year old for Christmas. As a quintessential little boy he loves cars and motorcycles. He LOVES this and it's one of the presents that a few weeks later he still enjoys taking apart and putting back together.The toy is great for developing fine motor skills as well as helping children learn how to focus on small tasks. Learning to put the pieces on the car in a specific order is also a very important skill.I always looking for stem learning toys for him.

Amy L.
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