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Dino Lovers will absolutely WANT this 4D T-Rex Fossil Model!!! That massively majestic dino fossil replica you’ve only ever seen in a museum? Imagine having something like that as your very own... but a bit smaller and easier to handle. Yup! It’s possible!

The astonishing 20-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) once roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Now a creature only recognized by fossils, the T-Rex was made famous in movies as an 8-ton carnivorous dinosaur. Despite being portrayed as scary, though, the dangerous image still garnered a lot of attention and fancy from dino-loving fans. If you are one of those fans, you surely won’t wanna miss this out!

  • A Realistic Miniature T-Rex Prototype
  • Play and learn about this dino fossil.
  • Easy and Interesting to Assemble
  • Even comes with a convenient display stand. Show it off to WOW your family and friends!
  • Incredibly Realistic and Museum Quality Design
  • Made of Long-Wearing, Durable Anti-Slip Material
  • High-Quality and Non-Toxic
  • The perfect gift for dino lovers!
  • Makes a great addition to your Jurassic collection!

Don't miss the SUPER FUN dino hype with this 4D T-Rex Fossil Model. It’s interactive, manageable, realistic, and oh so exciting! Assemble it by yourself or have fun with friends and then display it for all the world to marvel at its phenomenal mystery.

Material/s: PVC

Size: Approx. 70cm (assembled length)

Suitable Age: 6 Years Old & Above

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. 4D T-Rex Fossil Model

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Purchased this for my grandson for Christmas. It worked as described and has so many option for designs. My grandson loves it so much!

Tina R.

Both of my grandkids love playing with these toys. Sometimes they just play with them as vehicles & sometimes like to take them apart & put them together again.

Jolene A.

I am so impressed!! I bought the vehicle package and the animal package and I am not disappointed. My 3 year old LOVES these! It is the first thing she grabs every morning and she will sit for hours taking them apart and putting them back together. I had an issue and worked with customer service and by far the best service I've received in a long time. I will be ordering more in the future!

Myra K.

Bought for my almost 4 year old for Christmas. As a quintessential little boy he loves cars and motorcycles. He LOVES this and it's one of the presents that a few weeks later he still enjoys taking apart and putting back together.The toy is great for developing fine motor skills as well as helping children learn how to focus on small tasks. Learning to put the pieces on the car in a specific order is also a very important skill.I always looking for stem learning toys for him.

Amy L.
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